Your wedding celebration was everything you two wanted. The anticipation of the early part of the day gave way to the moment you two saw each other for the first time completely dressed and ready to officially start your marriage. 

It was amazing, and time seemed strangely plastic: some moments suspended, others clipping by so quickly. Before you knew it, your hearts were thumping in your chests as you held sweaty hands in front of your beautiful community, and then you were married, and then you were hugging everyone you've ever known and loved. Your uncles cried. Your best friend from college snuck up behind you to give you a hug, and you spilled your champagne on yourself and you couldn't stop laughing. The whole night - your face hurt from smiling and talking and dancing and the energy was something you've never experienced before. 

Memory is a fickle creature. We seek to hold the ephemeral moments of our days, the absurd and the beautiful and the painful, too; these moments shape ourselves and our lives. These moments are our lives, and memories are the substance of those moments.

When I photograph your wedding, I seek to find and capture as many of those moments as I can, those moments as they pass the threshold from moments to memories. Afterwards, I go home, feet burning from all the movement of the day, and heart so full of love and admiration of you two and your community. You choose me as your photographer, but we really choose each other; I only work with people who touch my heart, whose love for each other radiates, and whose community I know will be a resonant expression of the best of humanity. 

The moments from your wedding day become pixels on my camera memory cards, and then copies of those pixels move to my hard drives. From the files on those hard drives, I work to process raw files into polished ones, to cull from the thousands of frames a few hundred that I know will represent for you the preservation of your wedding day.

That's the job you entrust to me, a job I love and am honored to do.

As time continues to move forward, our memory shifts and tones itself anew, and your memories from your wedding day are no exception. It is my greatest hope that over the course of the many years of your life and your marriage that these moments and images I make for you cross the boundaries of your minds and hearts and become for you the memories of your day. That because these memories are visual, tangible, you may share them more completely with others. With each other. With your parents and grandparents and community. With your children, and your grandchildren. And that ultimately, the memories and the photos will last forever.

I'm thrilled that you have decided to make an album. These memories and photos endure best on paper and in these books, where they can be seen and cherished, and most importantly, shared. 

Thank you again for entrusting me with this beautiful responsibility. I cannot wait for you to have your wedding album.

There are two types of albums: the signature Layflat Heirloom Album and the hardcover Photo Book.

The Layflat Heirloom Album is 12x12, includes 30 pages (more pages can always be added) and can be ordered in linen or leather. Also available only when you order this album is a 6 X 6 mini version; perfect for parent albums!

fine art wedding albums

Leather cover option:

Beautiful matte finish, heavy-duty, archival paper:


Larger album with its Mini!:

Our hardcover Photo Book is 10x10, includes 40 pages, and is a great option for a more lightweight wedding book:

Photo Books are available in Linen cover options; Layflat Heirloom Albums are available in Linen or Leather. Here are the options:


12x12 Layflat Heirloom Album

Our signature linen or leather layflat Heirloom Album includes 30 thick pages on matte paper,

with your choice of cover (linen or leather) and color. Cover debossing and additional pages may be added.



10x10 Hardcover Photo Book

Our linen hardcover Photo Book includes 40 pages on matte paper, with your choice of cover color.

Cover debossing and additional pages may be added.



6x6 Mini Layflat Heirloom Album (available with 12x12 purchase)

A freakin adorable mini (6x6!) version of our signature linen or leather layflat Heirloom Album,

available to purchase when you purchase a 12x12 Heirloom Album. Awesome for parent gifts!

Includes 30 thick pages on matte paper, with your choice of cover (linen or leather) and color.

Additional pages may be added.



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