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Through the magic of the internet, or the referral of someone you trust, you’ve landed here at City Love Photography. My name is Alexis Buryk: I’m the photographer behind the images you see, a proud wedding nerd, and I’m also a real modern married human myself, so I know what’s up when it comes to weddings from allllll of the angles.

I know that the initial stages of planning can feel like you’re falling down an IG/Pinterest/advice-from-your-recently-married-friends rabbit hole, especially when it comes to choosing a photographer, and especially when (yes, I’m going to be real honest here) so many websites and photogs look the same. How in the hell are you supposed to choose?! I’ve got you covered: in lieu of starting out our conversation with my photo work front-and-center, first I’d like to invite you to check out this video where I outline the three main criteria I recommend a couple use as the basis for choosing ANY wedding photographer, whether that ends up being me or one of my awesome colleagues.

Once you’ve seen the video, if you’re curious and want to check out my style + photo philosophy, more about me, and get the real deal nitty gritty on investment and next steps with CLP, let’s do this.




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