• Top Influences: Maggie Nelson. Liz Lemon. My father’s obsession with history + genealogy. My mother’s profound empathy. My husband’s ability to live his life with unapologetic joy.

  • Love Language: Google docs

  • Fashion Style: Elaine + Kramer = Me

  • Why I love photographing weddings: Weddings aren’t the best because they are “the best day of your life.” The truth is that sometimes they’re not, and they don’t really have to be. What they are always is a celebration of your life, your love, your community. As someone who has always been driven by a curiosity about human intimacy, weddings fascinate me to no end. They brim with moments mundane, profound, silly, heartbreaking, resonant, erotic, quiet and transcendent. Even when they don’t go as planned, they’re wonderful. I take it as a personal challenge to try to apply that attitude to my every day life, as well.

  • Educational Background: Born nerd. Dual major at NYU in History and Cinema Studies, where I also did a lot of non-fiction writing and ran the theater group for non-theater majors. Interdisciplinary arts MFA in Writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Second City and iO-trained in improv; I’m a proud no-drama theater kid.

  • Favorite Films: Hedwig and the Angry Inch, The Birdcage, Moonstruck

  • Favorite Book: Still Life with Oysters and Lemon by the poet Mark Doty

  • TV Shows that make me weep almost every time: Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Chef’s Table