City Love Photography

When it comes to your Wedding photography experience,
Trust + connection are my top priorities 

Welcome, friends!

I’m Alexis Buryk, the founder and photographer behind City Love Photography. My specialty is working with couples who approach their weddings in the way they approach their lives: through what they value most. They are community-loving, city-centered, aesthetics-adoring rebels, holding onto the marriage traditions they love and saying thanks but no thanks to the ones they don't. All while being ridiculously organized, of course (Google docs is a love language, right?!)

Providing my clients with a personalized photography experience and my full attention is everything to me, so each year I work with no more than 15 couples. Over the past five years, I’ve developed a process of working together before, during, and after your wedding that’s all about being present, collaborating, and honoring the bonds not only between you two, but also the community you’re gathering together to mark the beginning of your marriage.

At the end of the (wedding) day, that’s really what you’re looking to capture in your photos and relive forever: honest moments, the people/pets/places you love, and the beautiful attention + care you put into this celebration of your partnership. In my experience, mutual trust + connection between you + your wedding photographer is where those truly awesome + memorable photos begin.

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