We believe that great wedding photography service doesn't begin and end on your wedding day.

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What's your wedding photography philosophy?

At City Love Photography, we like to plan + organize upfront, and then let the day go as it flows. We like to get to know each of our couples and the important people that will be celebrating with them, so that on the day of the wedding, we know who we are photographing. A couple who feel connected and supported by their photographer will be more relaxed and present in their day, which ultimately leads to genuine images and happy memories of your wedding and wedding photography experience. 

We love your candid style, but can we still make sure to do some more formal family portraits?

Our style happily mixes candid and more formal, documentary and editorial. We encourage you to take the time on your wedding day to photograph your gathered family members. As much as the small candid moments capture the spirit of the day, so too do the more straightforward images of your family and bridal party together with you, showing their support for your union. 

What is included in your basic collection?

We include 8 hours of photographic coverage and a digital download of high-resolution image files with personal reprint rights, in addition to the elements mentioned above. 

Digital high-reso-what-now? 

When you purchase a wedding photography collection, you are paying for two elements: services and products. The creative service provided for you is an amount of time, depending on your specific wedding and what type of coverage you'd like. What you ultimately receive is the product; back in the day it would have been a set of prints or just an album. Today, most photographers will offer the set of fully edited digital image files with personal reprint rights to you in lieu of prints or other product options. This means that you purchase the right to take and utilize the files digitally, or print them, or make them into an album, without having to purchase additional products through your photographer. 

What's all this I hear about RAW files?

RAW files are just that: raw, and unfinished. Part of your collection purchase is post-production, which is the finishing process of the images. In order to provide you with the quality and consistency of the other images you see on this site, we handle all post-production and do not offer RAW files. 

We have more questions!

Geez, it's almost like you've never planned a wedding before! I know you are digesting a lot of information and making many important decisions right now, and I am happy to answer any questions you have. Talk to me over at the Contact page.