Happenings: Liz + Brendan Get Hitched at Camp Vacamas, West Milford, New Jersey

I have spent an amazing wedding season this year as a primary and secondary photographer, capturing and celebrating the love of over a dozen beautiful couples. Experiencing so many emotional events never ceases to amaze and excite me, and hasn't yet stemmed my enthusiasm for attending weddings of my own loved ones. If anything, it has made me even more thrilled to be part of the events that have extra special personal resonance to me, including the recent wedding of my lifelong family friend/cousin Liz and her love, Brendan.

Liz + Brendan hired a fabulous photographer pair, Linda + Peter Photography, to document their day officially. But I couldn't help but share my own personal images of the day, as it unfolded with laughter and love. Congrats + many happy years, darling Liz + Brendan!

Alexis Buryk3 Comments