Happenings: TC Matherne Portrait Session


Prior to my move to Chicago nearly five years ago, I attempted my first personal photographic series: portraits of my dear friends taken around our beloved New York City. The project perfectly combined two of my favorite things: creating visual narrative and spending time celebrating the people I love and admire. Being involved with the theater community has always filled my life with vibrant characters, and now more than ever, I cherish the opportunity to photograph and linger with them. 

TC and I met during our time training at iO Improv Chicago. His energy and talent are undeniable, and I was thrilled to be able to photograph him during lush daylight at one of the theater spaces in which he often performs. We were aiming for some classic portraits, bordering on badass-James-Dean-style, but with TC, it's impossible not to articulate visually a sense of vulnerability and boyish warmth. The session was lovely, and I look forward to seeing what happens next for this hardworking and infinitely captivating friend.

Alexis BurykComment