Wanderlust: Poland Heritage Tour, Part III

Yesterday, we checked out the Skansen, an ethnographic/architectural museum here in Sanok. Realities of life in the region during the past 2-3 centuries were in some ways better than I had imagined, and in some ways worse. At the turn of the 20th century, many of the amenities available in North America were here as well, like electricity. But it was rare that most people had access to it, and my own ancestors out in the village probably had a more rustic existence. Either way, their self-sustainability was impressive, and the museum was an authentic glimpse into the lives my family members lived and left here in Poland.

Cobbler on the cobblestones.


The original "green" roofing system. Really, really green.

Communal noshing bowl.

Communal noshing bowl.


For mountain-chic fashion.


Good-time paganish holiday decorations...coming to Etsy soon?


Sweet wheat.


Someone need a bucket?

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