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Chosen Family // Community Wedding Photographer in New York City

As a wedding photographer, I get to witness the most amazing communities. These are the people in your lives that show up for you, again and again. These people are your parents, your step-parents, and your grandparents. These people are the boss who became more like a mother to you, the neighbor who was always there to give you a ride home after grade school, and your parents’ friends, who all feel more like family to you.

These people are your coworkers, your PhD cohort, and your softball team. These people are the people in your local bar trivia group for five years running, the college friends who have loved you since your cellophane ramen noodle days, the hiking club you trust enough to get lost in the mountains with.

These people are your siblings, your half-siblings, your step-siblings, your cousin-who-is-basically-your-sibling, and the friend you met as an adult, who feels like they’ve always been there.

These people are your pets… because we all know that pets are the best people around!

These people are your people. You may have 2 of them with you on your wedding day, or you may have 200 of them with you. But no doubt, one of the main reasons you are having a wedding at all, is because you couldn’t imagine making your commitment to each other without your people (+ pets!) there.

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite community moments. I love being able to capture my clients the big beautiful atmosphere of their celebration, as well as the small moments that flash by in an instant. The way sunset lit up your venue at cocktail hour, illuminating all of your guests with a warm, grapefruit-hued glow. The kiss your grandparents snuck during your vows.

Being able to share these photos with couples after their wedding so that they can relive the beauty of their commitment + community is my honor + mission. Hope you enjoy the images here, and if this photo philosophy aligns with what you’re craving for your own wedding day, feel free to tell me more about yourselves by getting in touch with me over at the Book Me page.

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