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2017 Year-in-Review from City Love Photography

When referencing the year 2017, a lot of people prefer to use the phrase
"dumpster fire."

And while I would heartily agree that the state of our world continues to contain within it
a staggering amount of awful, I am as always buoyed by the presence + persistence
of our most human needs:

to connect in a genuine way with others,
to be our vibrant + undeniable selves,
and to share the moments bitter and sweet with the ones we love.

Even amidst the less-heartening parts,
2017 to me was filled with this positive energy.


Bec + Amos slaying the dance floor in January at the Green Building in Brooklyn

Hannah + Noah mugging with their hysterical family at MyMoon in Williamsburg in April


In 2017, I photographed: 
17 celebrations of marriage
two baby showers
a 40th SURPRISE birthday party (she was really surprised!)
a proposal (she was also surprised!)
and a bar mitzvah
(he was not surprised, as he was totally prepared for his big day)
as well as engagements, events, and portraits

I spent time in Chicago, Saratoga Springs, Cleveland, Quebec City, Montreal, Los Angeles,
San Francisco, and Copenhagen, as well as my main squeeze, NYC.


All of these marvelous people and places I am grateful to know and photograph;
each wedding, celebration, event, person, place is a whole universe of beauty, complexity,
and perhaps most importantly: quirky fun.


Nate during the most intense + fantastic rendition of Paradise by the Dashboard Light
I have ever seen at The Garrison in Garrison, NY


Thank you for hiring me to photograph the people you love,
and the memories you want to hold onto forever.

I'm grateful for another year of doing this work,
photographing your marriages and milestones,
laughing with you until our stomaches are sore
and spending time with your wild + wonderful communities. 

Hope you enjoy this look back on 2017 that is not at all dumpster-fire-etic.

And if you know anyone getting married in 2018 or 2019
who is looking for a photographer for their unconventional and awesome wedding,
please share this post with them
and encourage them to drop me a line
over at the Contact page!

Here's to many more adventures in the new year...



the garrison ny wedding photographer

Alison + Nate on their wedding day in February, featuring Alison's rad Phantom Tollbooth tattoo

prospect park wedding photographer

Hannah clearly not having any fun at all on her wedding day as she prepped at the William Vale

green building wedding photographer brooklyn mod cloth wedding dress feminist jewish wedding

Aideen + Niall came all the way from Dublin, Ireland, to elope in NYC in August

Elena surprised Alex with a freakin awesome song at their wedding in September.

And one final leap for 2017:
the groom's brother literally backflipping for joy
during the backyard wedding of Emily + Oz in September